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My Life List: Climbing Machu Picchu

Introduction to a dream

I have wanted to climb Machu Picchu for about 7 years now. It escapes me where exactly the idea came from. I do remember being very passionate about the idea when I first created my bucket list though. That emotion has also never left since.

That’s why, after 7 years, I have finally made plans to execute this dream in September/October 2019. I’ve waited long enough and I finally have the time and space to enjoy it.

The best part: I’m now taking some buddies on this adventure with me!

There is something fascinating about being out in the open, high up and in a place with so much history and culture associated with it. I visited Chichen Itza in Mexico in 2018 and it was such an enriching experience.

As a young girl I remember being fascinated by books like “Mysteries of the Unexplained”, my mom’s classic red “Encyclopaedia Brittanica” and a long series of books related to Greek mythology, the Aztec and Mayan empires, Chinese imperialism and an old favourite of mine – ancient Egyptian civilisation!

Hiking also being one of my favourite summer pastimes, it’s easy to see why trekking up an ancient Incan estate, and discovering one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, would be my thing.

I’m currently looking into the different options available to us for hiking that particular mountain. I haven’t been to Peru before, so it’s all new for now.

One thing I do know is that I don’t want to go up with the train. If anything, I’d like to enjoy the fresh air and say hello to the local llamas!

As I get closer to this goal, I’ll be updating more on the process of booking that here. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a great experience though. I can’t wait!


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