Lifebook Review 2020

Lifebook Warm Up

Stepping into the world of Lifebook, I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew I had just signed myself up for a 6 week course. The course apparently also had the potential to change my life.

However, I really had no idea of what that meant. What would I actually be doing?

My course was starting the following day, as such I had less than 24 hours to wait until my content got unlocked. In the meantime, I was encouraged to finish the introduction module.

The warm up contained 7 sections, which were:

  1. Welcome to Facebook (2 mins)
  2. Your Commitment Level (2 mins)
  3. The Lifebook Intra-Spect Assessment (20 mins)
  4. Join the Lifebook Online Tribe (5 mins)
  5. Finding the Time to Work on Your Lifebook (20 mins)
  6. The Journey Begins (1 hour)
  7. [Optional] FAQs on The Journey Begins (2 hours 40 mins)


The Format

Personally, I quite liked the format of this module. It was a nice mix between reading, watching and pro-actively engaging in the content.

Doing the Intra-Spect Assessment was very interesting, since it ends with you receiving a personalised report about yourself. That’s also the part of the course, which allows you to see how much progress you make within the 6 week program. I’ve always been a fan of measurable success!

In my case, I got a score of 98, which was considered above average. Given that I’m regularly involved in self-improvement practices though, this wasn’t too surprising.

I set my area of concentration as “Life Vision”. However, interestingly the assessment identified that as one of my healthiest categories and “Health and Fitness” and “Financial” as my two areas for concern.

Considering I’ve been a little under the weather the last two weeks, and I am currently without fixed employment, that totally made sense!


After doing the assessment, and joining the Facebook support group, there were then a series of videos to watch.

I actually didn’t do these straight away and then totally forgot about them. However, after completing the Week 1: Health and Fitness module, my trusty Mindvalley dashboard showed me my warm up section was incomplete.

At that point, I decided to watch the introductory videos the following day, before moving on to the second module: Intellectual.

I’m glad to report this was totally worth it!

The first introductory video actually clarified some questions I had had throughout module 1 on how to complete my Lifebook.

I didn’t watch the FAQ videos all the way through as that was almost 3 hours of content. However, I did skim through the questions and jump to the useful areas using the timestamp options (so great!) when I saw something relevant.


Additional comments

Interestingly, I actually think it was probably better that I watched the introductory videos after completing the first module. That way I was better able to connect what was being said, with what needed to be done.

One thing that I wasn’t expecting was for the introductory module to be so long. Taking around 2 hours to complete, it was literally like taking another complete module in itself.

Having said that, I do think it is content that is needed to get you into the right mindset for this course. Following my experiences in completing the Week 1 modules, I can say that the course is a lot more involved than I thought.

I do think it is doable around work commitments, but I think you would need to block out the chunk of time for sure. With distractions going on, I can totally see how this would lose its effect. So, it’s really up to the individual to make sure to make the time and space to complete this.

Nevertheless, I have to say I’m pretty impressed so far. Let’s see what’s up next!


Explore the rest of the Lifebook journey!

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