Lifebook Review 2020

Lifebook 2020 – Week 6: Quality of Life & Life Vision

This Lifebook journey is coming to an end. It’s interesting, because I was fully expecting to feel a little sad and emotional about that. I’m kind of like that sometimes. I don’t really like endings much.

However, instead of feeling sad, I’ve actually been feeling a different emotion completely:


As I’ve made my way through Lifebook, I’ve found myself more and more inclined to action. Using my Lifebook tracker to keep myself accountable, and really working consciously towards my goals.

Jon said in his introduction, that the last two chapters of Lifebook are really about pulling everything from the last 5 weeks together. As such, I was quite interested to see how these two final chapters would shape out.


Course Structure

For this final week, the now familiar structure of watching two videos and completing the PVPS (Premise, Vision, Purpose, Strategy) exercises remained the same. Why change something that’s working, eh?

The Quality of Life video was 1hr 30 minutes and the Life Vision video 1hr 13 minutes. The optional bonus videos were 2hrs 10 minutes long.


My experience with: Quality of Life

Working through the Quality of Life chapter really made me consider what the word “quality” actually means. That’s an activity, that is actually not quite as simple as it sounds.

At face value, quality is a standard. A measure by which you determine whether something is sufficiently satisfying a certain set of criteria.

Considering how many elements there are to living life though, that means potentially a lot of items to measure and compare!

My first attempt at my PVPS (Premise, Vision, Purpose and Strategy) statements was quite frankly disappointing.

I read my statements back a little while after creating them and they just simply didn’t inspire me. (Obviously not quality statements then, eh? … see what I did there? 😉 )

That being the case, I decided a revision would be needed.

I’ve decided to post that revision here. That way I’m forced to keep it short and sweet, and you get to see a real life example of neatly defined Quality of Life attributes. Scoooooorreeee!!!


My revised Quality of Life vision statements


  • Health and Fitness

    Until the end of my existence, I desire to maintain the physical, mental and emotional health required to successfully take on any challenge I choose or am faced with


  • Intellectual Life

    I desire for my emotional intelligence and mental acuity to increase – stretching, growing and positively challenging me for as long as I am alive


  • Emotional Life

    I want my emotional control to consistently be at a high level, that will let me freely receive positive and constructive emotions into my life, and gracefully let go of emotions that do not serve me


  • Character

    I wish to continually develop my strength of character, to allow me to organically serve others and keep people who positively contribute to my life close. Equally, I wish to nourish the energy and boundaries that keep those who would look to harm me away


  • Spiritual Life

    My spirituality should allow me to connect with, and be grateful for, the many blessings I receive from god and the universe every day. By tending to my spiritual cup, I take note of quality experiences and am directed to a path that helps me receive and create many more blessings moving forward


  • Love relationship

    My love relationships are based on mutual respect, healthy boundaries, positive reinforcement of each other’s strengths and the desire to continually grow the vitality and durability of our relationship together


  • Parenting

    The relationship to my parents, as well as potentially any future children, will prosper based on cultivating a positive family environment. An environment that supports each individual in creating the healthiest, most vibrant and inspiring life they can


  • Social Life

    My social life is consistently of high quality, because the people that surround me are of high quality too. They are intelligent, virtuous and unafraid of creating and living life at its very best


  • Financial Life

    Money does not restrict me in life. Regardless of my income, I always have enough savings, energy and vitality to ensure I continue to be able to live my amazing life, without feeling at a loss


  • Career

    My career is flexible and something I very much enjoy. It is an inspiring part of my life, which perfectly integrates into the balanced whole of all my life experiences


  • Quality of Life

    With each day that passes, the quality of my life is consistently improving as I learn, love, laugh and enjoy more of all the experiences that make life worth living


So, there you have it. The compact version of how I imagine my quality of life. It’s interesting reading over them, as it brings areas of focus and measurement to each part of my life.

However, the more pertinent point in visualising these is that I realise I actually have the power AND responsibility for turning these visions into a reality (if I haven’t achieved them already!).

Every choice I make, and every action I take, will move me closer to, or further away from, my desired quality of life. That’s both an empowering and intimidating thought.

However, ultimately, this exercise really reminded me of how much control we actually have over our lives when we set our minds to it.

Nobody can tell us how we should or should not live our lives. For sure, people can guide us based on their own experiences. Nevertheless, it is up to us, as individuals, to decide what is best for us.

I for one needed a reminder of this lesson… and I’m glad to say this chapter, alongside other life experiences that have happened since taking it, ultimately delivered me that reminder.


My experience with: Life Vision

Finishing off the last chapter of the Lifebook course, I have come to realise that despite having a vivid imagination, I am also very much a realist.

I believe in following my dreams and making them come true. However, likewise I’m willing, able and oftentimes enthusiastic about putting in the work to make that happen too.

I enjoy setting targets for myself, however, I am also open to changing my route and picture, should I see the path I’m on is no longer serving me.

As such, when I was working through my Lifebook Life Vision, I decided that I would allow myself the liberty of painting myself a bright and colourful future.

A life full of love, laughter, pleasure and a new adventure around every corner.

The other thing I allowed myself to do, for just one moment, is turn off my everyday consciousness. Believe me when I say, that doesn’t happen often.


Removing the noise

Even though I do have a generally upbeat and positive personality, I’ve been told more than a few times that I have a very deep and intense personality too.

Both sides of me, stem from a very overactive brain. One that thinks and explores and processes and learns constantly.

Personally, I find my internal world and thoughts exciting, liberating and very useful. However, I’ve received mixed reviews from others.

Some people think I live my life as if it were Disneyland. Others think I have everything figured out. Yet again others think my life is exhausting – all that moving, thinking and planning going on.

As I was thinking about my life vision though, I realised that if I really and truly wanted to discover what MY “ideal” life vision was, I would need to stop thinking about what other people thought of me, my life and my ideas. Instead, I would need to focus entirely on my own thoughts about them.

You see, everybody who meets you will ultimately have an opinion of you – no matter how long they’ve known you.

That opinion will be shaped by their own experiences and the cultural/ racial/ societal/ familial biases they grew up with. It’s natural. We humans are judgemental beings – whether we like to admit it or not.

Ultimately, however, when you are creating a Lifebook and Life Vision, it doesn’t really matter what other people think.

What really counts is your own opinions, about your own current situation, and whether or not you want to change any of it.

The other people around you can choose to support or hinder that life vision. It’s up to you to decide what you want that vision to be though.


Focusing on the goal

Ultimately, I realised that my Lifebook is my own. It’s something Jon and Missy have emphasised repeatedly over the weeks and it sort of made sense on a certain level.

However, until I sat with this exercise for the Life Vision a little while longer, it didn’t really click.

Creating a vision for each and every category of your life requires you to really think about what’s important to you. Not anybody else – just you.

If you are not setting your own standards, boundaries and expectations, then soon enough you’ll find yourself in a place where others will be setting them for you.

That means you will be living a life as it’s dictated to you by others. This by default makes it a life that’s no longer really your own. (I’ve been there. It’s not fun.)

The other thing I realised is that unless you’re already living a 10/10 life in each category of your Lifebook, building your Life Vision is going to happen incrementally.

Your Life Vision will start coming true when:


YOU get closer to YOUR vision, and figure out what actions YOU will take, to move YOURSELF closer to your desired outcomes


Nobody will do that work for you – you need to direct your own ship!


Setting the target

I recently read a chapter in Charles Duhigg’s Smarter Faster Better: The Secret’s of Being Productive (affiliate link), which said that people are more likely to achieve goals they feel they might actually be able to reach.

Place the goal too far away and you’ll stumble, fall and then likely give up on the way. Place the goal too close and the effort becomes meaningless.

That being the case, I did have fun imagining myself with unlimited resources, the freedom to do what I want, when I want and with whomever I choose too…

(Anyone care to join me for a $1,500+/night  over-water hotel stay in Jamaica? It has a private butler! 😀 )

However, I ultimately decided to create a Life Vision that was not that far from my current reality instead.

I won’t go into detail as to what that looks like – after all a woman’s got to maintain her mystery somehow, right? 😉

What I will say though, is I’m looking forward to the journey.

My life has been a great adventure already. However, with the new knowledge I have gained from the Lifebook process, I’ll be interested to see how my life flows forward from here.

The 6-week Lifebook experience has been an interesting chapter on this adventure called life.

I, for one, have no regrets about taking this course at all. If I had had the money to spare, I would have had no regrets paying the full price tag either.

That being said, I’m definitely immensely grateful that the refundable accountability deposit made it possible to participate for free.

And if you have made it this far, dear reader, I also want to thank you for taking the time to follow this journey with me!


Explore the rest of the Lifebook journey!


  • Raja Muhammad mobeen

    Aslamu alai km ,
    Your experience of lifebook seems amazing . I learnt many things by this review. Can you share more details about life book please ?

    • Claudia // Rjunkie

      Hi Raja,

      I’m glad you’ve found it useful. What else specifically would you be interested in knowing about life book?

  • Chaminda

    Hi, thanks for sharing your experience and details of the “Life Book”. I was watching some of Jon and Missy’s videos and found interesting. However, I am not too convinced that the Life book will add any valve to my life. But after reading your summary notes, I was able to gain a lot of personal notes and clearly define 12 areas to focus on.
    I found this channel and it also Alan explained the process and his experience.
    thanks again

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