Lifebook Review 2020

How I found Lifebook

Lifebook first came into my life in 2019. I had just moved from Prague to Barcelona as a result of several major shifts in my life.

I was definitely buzzed to be in a new country with new stimulations all around. However, looking back at it now, I realise I was also very much running on empty. The year prior to the move had been emotionally and physically draining.

My relationship had broken down, my company was undergoing major changes, and my physical and mental health were at a definite low.

Moving from corporate life to a future that was in no way secure, was a big shift. As with anything that requires change, that meant I needed to change my mindset about a lot of things too.

After all, without an income and some (but not infinite) savings, I would need a plan for how to move forward sooner or later.


First contact with Lifebook

Originally, I thought the answer to regaining control over my situation might include learning Spanish, writing a book and buying some cryptocurrency to gain a side income. It turns out, they were definitely a part of the answer, but certainly not all that was needed.

Spending some time on Facebook and Instagram, I ran into an advert for Lifebook at that time. I want to say it was somewhere around the middle of 2019. Honestly, however, I couldn’t tell you exactly when it was anymore. There are so many ads out there these days!

I do remember being interested in the program though. It looked very much like the Life Wheel I had discovered through Celestine Chua’s blog Personal Excellence not long before.

The life wheel was a tool I found visually appealing and put into practice almost the minute I found it. I also knew it was a tool I would use moving forward too. Simple and practical – nice!

Landing on Jon & Missy’s homepage, however, I soon realised it was a program I just couldn’t afford. I mean, when you’re unemployed, you don’t just have $1,250 + taxes lying around, do you?

Even if it is as an investment into your future…


The irresistible opportunity

Fast forward one year to the present day and the picture is looking a little different. I’m working on a couple of passion projects, settled into the idea of staying in Barcelona, and in the final interview stages for a job that could be great!

I’ve celebrated my one year anniversary in Barcelona. My health is looking a lot better than it was. I’ve embarked on a 100 day health challenge, and I am not on the edge of poverty.

That last line was originally meant in jest. Quite seriously though, there were times last year that that’s exactly where I imagined I might be. Especially, if I wasn’t working after 12 months.

It turns out, however, that I’m pretty good at managing my money. Moving to Barcelona, taking a 6 week trip around Latin America, dining out at some of my favourite restaurants, and making friends here has cost me a little over £12,000 for the year. That’s not bad at all.

That being said, when a new ad came up offering Lifebook on Mindvalley, I randomly clicked on it again. Was it boredom? Curiousity? Fate? Who knows.

I did click the ad though, and what did I see?

Complete the Lifebook challenge… for FREE!


Reviewing the irresistible opportunity

Like all of us, I’m a big believer of “If it looks too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true”. This occasion was no different.

How is it, that a course that was $1,250 before was now being magically offered for free. Well, the fine-print did explain that. There were a number of conditions set on this “free” course.

  1. You had to pay a $500 (+taxes outside the US) Accountability Deposit
  2. The entire course needed to be completed by 24th April (7 weeks later)
  3. Evidence of completion had to be sent in for the refund (That means actual work y’all…)

My mind started swirling round. Ok, so it wasn’t totally free just now… but I guess it could be in the future?!?

I started researching the refund aspect first and saw that it seemed legitimate. A number of people in different forums and articles commented that they had taken the course and actually received their refund. Nice!

Then I found out that there would be an enticing option to keep me bound into paying the $605 USD. A further 6 week course called “Lifebook Mastery”. For only $1.

Ah I see now… that’s how they make and keep their money. Then the calculations kicked in.

$605 for 12 weeks of instruction and lifetime access to content. Even if I didn’t keep myself accountable and ended up failing miserably… that sounded like a way better deal than $605 for 6 weeks and loss of access after that!

That’s when the battle within started its back and forth. With an offer like this, it was really no longer about the money.

6 weeks of learning for free, or lifetime access for $605. In the world of personal development that’s a steal (and trust me I’ve looked around that area a lot!).


Closing in on the commitment

It took me about a day to decide to go for this course.

I had the amount needed to pay the accountability deposit. I also had an interview upcoming, which had the potential to secure me an income.

As such, in my mind, there were four potential outcomes to this situation:


  1. didn’t join the course and didn’t know what I was missing
  2. completed the course in 6 weeks and got my refund
  3. didn’t complete the course in 6 weeks and lost my refund
  4. completed/didn’t complete the course and then upgraded for $1 for more time


If I didn’t get the job, I obviously couldn’t afford not to get my deposit back. That being the case, the real question was – could and would I keep myself accountable to this program for 6 weeks?

I reviewed my current goals and figured I could. After all, in the last few months alone, I’ve been focusing on the 365 moments of happiness challenge, my 100 day health triangle challenge, and the 30 days to splits challenge, with moderate success.

This wouldn’t be so different to that… would it?


Explore the rest of the Lifebook journey!

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