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Buenos Aires and Barcelona in week six (LATAM 2019)

I’ve only got three days left on my trip this week and it’s a weird feeling. I’ve definitely enjoyed the variety my trip has brought me so far, but I think I’m almost ready to go home.

The days alone pass by at a weird pace. Fast and yet slow at the same time. My mind is starting to live more in the future than the present, as I think of what I will be doing when I get home.

My career break is coming to an end and that’s an odd sensation. I’ve achieved most of what I set out to do during that time and now it’s time to set new goals. What will they be, I wonder…

Day 36 – Thunderstorms in Buenos Aires

I’m not sure about you, but I find my mood is definitely affected by the weather around me. I thought my shifting mood was due to nerves as my trip is coming to an end.

Today, I realise that it may be linked to a shift in air pressure. Thunderstorms are encapsulating Buenos Aires today and it’s like nothing I have ever experienced before.

The rain comes pouring down in spades. So strong that if you were to go out, it would be unlikely you would get far. As I peer out of the window, the city looks dead. It’s the middle of the day, yet the streets are empty.

The few cars that I can spot are stationary. The water has risen so high, they likely can’t drive through.

I watch in fascination as the thunder and lightning rolls by. It is literally lighting up the grey sky every few minutes. I’m usually very scared of thunder and lightning. Here there is no escaping it.

So, I sit and watch in fascination. I remember seeing a tv show once about a place in Venezuela that is meant to be the most electric place on earth. The person filming it was literally putting their life in danger capturing the scenes. I wondered what it must feel like to be in a place like that. I guess now I know.

Interestingly, I don’t feel too much fear. I definitely wouldn’t go outside in this weather, and I do stay away from plugged in electronics. However, mainly I feel a deep sensation of awe and respect for mother nature. It reminds me of how I felt at the top of Iguazú.

I think how tiny we are compared to the universe and how little we truly understand of the powers surrounding us.


Day 37 – Stormy day silliness in Buenos Aires

I actually booked a walking tour to go on today, as it’s my last day in Buenos Aires. However, the thunderstorms lasted all through the last two nights and the rain continues sporadically today.

The sunshine does start to shine through a little in the afternoon, so it seems I could have gone on the tour instead of cancelling it. However, I have to say I don’t really feel the urge to travel 1.5 hours to get to the tour meeting point right now anyways. I also reckon the city won’t be looking its best in these grisly grey conditions.

As a fun alternative, I decide to watch the rest of “The Hook Up Plan” instead. It’s a French series on Netflix that is absolutely hilarious. Go check it out. It’s fantastic fun for a rainy (or even not so rainy) day!

I know I didn’t really do too much with my last few days in Buenos Aires, but I have to say I don’t feel too bad about it. I think I’m ready to go home now. Barcelona – I miss you!


Day 38 – Homeward bound

It’s home-time today and I’m totally ready. Bag packed, apartment double checked, keys handed over and I’m off to the airport.

I make sure to stock up with plenty of water and some food for the plane ride, as I won’t be getting anything on there. That’s what happens when you fly budget, but hey ho, I’m not complaining.

On the plane, I hit a lucky break and end up with the entire row of four seats to myself! Then a handsome man turns up in the seat in front of me (who happens to also be a gentleman) and I’m all set for an entertaining flight.

Generally the flight is uneventful, but at one point I do run out of food. It seems there is no way to actually order more food either as the ordering system is down. I pray that we arrive home safely and I can get some breakfast on the other end.

It seems, however, that the universe was feeling generous as not long later a breakfast set lands on my table. I’m pretty sure it was a mistake, because there are people beside me with no food. However, I don’t question the blessing at this point as I’m super hungry and I’m pretty sure they have spares.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Day 39 – Arriving back home

We touch down in Barcelona around 5am and I make my way to the airport bus. Oddly I have to wait for around 20 minutes for the bus to arrive. Normally, it leaves every 10 minutes, but I put it down to the early hour of the day.

As I arrive home, I set down my bag and take in the wonder that is my bedroom. It’s good to be home. I jump for joy into my pajamas and snuggle into bed for a few hours rest. Next thing you know I am woken up by a string of panicked text messages from a friend of mine asking if I’m ok.

It seems Barcelona is suffering some civil unrest. The airport has been shut down. There are people trapped without enough food, water and services to go around.

Thousands of protestors are surrounding the airport in protest of the verdict resulting from the trial of the Catalonian independence leaders. It seems I was one of the last group of people who got out of the airport before the chaos happened. Once again I look upwards to say my thanks.

Although the unrest is a little unsettling, I have to take a moment to smile. It’s at moments like this I realise and appreciate how truly blessed I am. And it’s also moments like this I see – there’s just no place like home 🙂


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