365 moments of happiness in 2019

I’m on a quest in 2019. As a part of my career break I have challenged myself to discover what it is that makes me truly happy.

As a result, I have decided to create a list of my most memorable moments of happiness for 2019. I want to update the list sporadically throughout the year and try to keep moments as varied as possible so as not to repeat myself.

After all, the more inspiration for happiness I find, the more opportunities for further happiness I might have for the future too.

I’m targeting 365 different moments of happiness for the year – let’s see how it goes!


Running Total: 93 | Target: 365 | Last Updated: 3 June 2019


  1. Being reminded of my Krakow gang on Instagram on New Year’s Day
  2. Feeling pretty and taking pictures of my newly lasered eyes without makeup on!
  3. Getting a postcard from Leo N from Spain
  4. Completing the packing of my first box to be moved to Barcelona!
  5. Catching Nala red pawed with broken egg shells all around her – cheeky kitty!
  6. Doing a great Joey impression after watching too many episodes of Friends
  7. Reading ‘Braving the Wilderness’ by Brené Brown
  8. Hearing back from Oscar R who finally received his Christmas card in the post
  9. Watching a 101 year old go on a first date – there’s hope for us all after all 🙂


  1. Bumping into Aurelien for the first time at La Macumba – that man has moves!
  2. Spending some time with Max when he came to visit Prague on a business trip
  3. Pretending to be Battle Angel Alita at the movies for a minute
  4. Going for dinner and drinks with Oscar A again after two years – such fun!
  5. Being allowed to cook my favourite meal for FHE before I left for Barcelona
  6. Seeing Ashley flirt with a handsome Italian
  7. Getting a reply from one of my favourite motivational Instagrammers: TerrillT
  8. Learning how to identify objects that ‘spark joy’ in me
  9. The minute I finished cleaning my apartment after it looking like a tornado hit it for weeks
  10. Watching ‘Siempre Bruja’ with Shaila and discovering the song ‘Tiempo’ by Profetas
  11. Booking the first flight for my LATAM trip – £132 from Barcelona to NYC… not bad!
  12. Spending time with my nearest and dearest at my goodbye brunch and seeing some less familiar faces there too!
  13. Seeing a funny video of a cat exercising under a car with cray cray music playing in the background
  14. Eating Ragu at Ragu in Naples for the first AND second time too – delicious!
  15. Finding the Shanti bar in Naples and spending some quality time with Ashley there
  16. Sitting on a ferris wheel with Ashley next to me and a big smile on my face
  17. Visiting the Jardin Exotique in Monte Carlo and finding the perfect gift for Ashley there


  1. Having a handsome Spaniard help me with my luggage the first day I arrived in Barcelona
  2. Tasting Patatas Bravas con Aioli with Ashley at the Chicken Bar for the first time
  3. Fer Fer tagging me on hilarious Facebook/Instagram memes
  4. Reading an email from a role model of mine Louise, cheering me on with my new endeavours
  5. Hearing from Gaby that I’m welcome to stay with her when I fly to SLP later this year
  6. Hearing back from the people I sent postcards to
  7. Finding the perfect bag for my LATAM trip on Amazon after hours and hours of searching
  8. Getting a new pair of hiking shoes for my LATAM trip – goodbye bulky old hiking boots!
  9. Meeting a wonderful female doctor who helped sort out my bronchitis
  10. Getting the help of some workers in my apartment block when my items arrived!
  11. Meeting my roommate Nataly for the first time – she’s pretty cool 😀
  12. Getting a job proposal within days of landing in Barcelona – perhaps the industry isn’t quite as bad as people say…


  1. Receiving a ‘we miss you’ photo with my favourites – Alvaro, Danny and Diego
  2. Discovering new music and having a mini dance party with Nataly
  3. Getting a message that was actually interesting AND entertaining from Jordi on OK Cupid
  4. Nala joining me for an afternoon siesta (without having to persuade her myself!)
  5. Jessy coming to visit me in Barcelona (and enjoying churros and chocolate with her by the beach!)
  6. Going for Tapas with Jessy, Mark and Pablo on Carrer de Blai for the first time
  7. Going on a solo date on the beach and feeling good about it 🙂
  8. Passing my exam to get into B1 Spanish!
  9. Making my own hand made burgers and getting several order requests via Instagram for them!
  10. Finally getting my NIE card after my third visit to the police station
  11. Seeing the results of my ‘straight down vs. triangle’ toastie quiz on Instagram
  12. Discovering the best freshly pressed orange juice machine at the Keisy supermarket nearby
  13. Baking a zucchini cake and seeing the looks on my classmates’ faces when they ate it (and liked it!)
  14. Having my classmates mistake me for being in my mid-20s – gotta love good genes 😀
  15. Joking around on the phone with Leo A


  1. Eating Peruvian tostadas with Cigin and Shijin at Toma Ya Street Food for the first time
  2. Lying on the beach talking to Marco and stargazing
  3. Getting to know Ineke better at the Peruvian street food restaurant Cigin and Shijin introduced me to
  4. The first time I heard Ashley speak of concrete plans to move and change a life she was not 100% satisfied with
  5. David telling me ‘looking good sis’ when I felt great and realised it showed
  6. Nana telling me ‘I think when people are around you they just feel happy, darling. Because you’re you.’
  7. Reading ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’
  8. Receiving a random message from Stephanie, asking if she could come stay with me because she had some time to spare
  9. Realising that I was daydreaming for the first time in a long time on the plane from the UK to Spain and feeling enlightened for it!
  10. Feeling proud of myself for improving my communication skills with those around me
  11. Flirting with Oscar R 😉
  12. Winning a bottle of wine in a raffle!
  13. Accidentally getting a full refund on an order and not having to pay it back
  14. Feeling motivated to apply for a role at Johnson & Johnson
  15. Having my comment on nakedness posted by one of my favourite photographers Dean Raphael
  16. Leaving a note for Nataly in the kitchen when I packed her some food for lunch
  17. Giving and receiving super duper big hugs from Marco and Nataly – heaveeeennn <3
  18. Feeling happy while I was writing this list
  19. Putting a smile on my Mac’s face with her birthday present
  20. Being surprised with a ‘welcome home’ note on my desk
  21. A couple of people telling me they missed me – that made me feel so loved and special!
  22. Writing my gratitude post when Facebook reminded me of my trip to San Diego last year
  23. When Tonyabell thanked me for inspiring her to make a move
  24. Feeling the rain falling onto my hands as I reached out to it on a rainy Barcelona day
  25. Realising I felt inspired to complete two blog posts on two consecutive days!
  26. Completing my website banner update – I like it!
  27. Seeing a pretty pigeon fly above me and land on a beautiful balcony while I was walking home
  28. Unexpectedly meeting my new friend David on the beach when I didn’t want to be alone
  29. When I realised I hadn’t forgotten my x-ray pick up slip half way to the centre!
  30. Receiving an invitation to Morgan and Chase’s wedding
  31. When I started reading Tony Robbins’ Unlimited Power again (after 3 false starts previously)
  32. When I made Marillenknoedel and they ended up tasting perfect
  33. The moment I realised I was starting to prioritise actions in my life again
  34. When I got a heartfelt thank you from Papi Jaramillo to his birthday video
  35. Watching the ending of the Spanish Netflix movie ‘In Family I Trust’


  1. Making my ‘mini barcos de carne’ and putting them on Instagram (with a little imaginative embellishment!)
  2. The moment Ineke and I sat on the beach laughing out loud (I think because we saw another naked man jiggling himself all over… but I honestly don’t remember!)
  3. Generating a new idea for a book with Ineke – full of gratitude and love <3
  4. Buying a gorgeous bright blue beach cloth/towel to help me get Barcelona beach ready!
  5. Having a Spanish teacher remember my name 🙂
  6. Realising that I had been eating more healthily for a few days


Total: TBC


Total: TBC


Total: TBC


Total: TBC


Total: TBC


Total: TBC

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