I have been writing poetry since I was a little girl. Poetry on fairies, elves and later on friends, partners and life in general.

I consider both reading and writing poetry a gift and so I hereby share my gift (and sometimes that of others – where named) with you too. Enjoy ­čÖé


Arctic Melody

Sitting, sitting, sitting in the moonlight Watching, watching, watching as the world flies by Drinking my mojito by the seaside Thinking, ...
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New Years Wish

To all of you that I call friends, I love you 'til the very end. To all of you I ...
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Looking in the mirror What do I see? Someone who doesn't Look like me? She looks as I should She ...
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Turning Point

There comes a time where things must end, A time at which your will must bend. Think of the good ...
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Every Day

For every choice we make each day, There always is a price to pay. One day of happiness, One day ...
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My Wish for You

You're not the answer, you're not the cure, And yet I yearn to take your lure. I see you struggle, ...
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