When Was The Last Time You Were Happy?

Seoul Happiness

Image by Nayoung Kang
Me + Friends = Happiness!

I recently watched an inspirational video on upworthy.com and started reading Living, Loving and Learning by the amazing Leo F. Buscaglia. These really got me thinking about all the things we are taught in life and all those things we think will make us happy. Money, family, friends, possessions?

It got me wondering about what makes me happy and in particular, what has made me happy recently. I came up with this list:

Recently, I was happiest…

1) …when an old friend I hadn’t seen in a year came to visit me during my turbulent four-month stint in Amsterdam.

2) …when I bought a pair of second hand Italian leather boots for £12 at a local charity shop (and found out they were worth £100 new!).

3) …when I stepped off the plane in Seoul and felt like I’d come home.

4) …when I plucked up the courage to call a friend’s friend for lunch and made a new girl friend in the process.

5) …when said new girl friend bought me Cheetos and we spent the entire evening watching ‘chick-flicks’, stuffing our faces and talking about all sorts!

6) …when I came back to the UK and experimented in the kitchen cooking for my roomie and ended up with a chicken soup masterpiece.

7) …when I started writing on my blog again.

A few weeks ago, when I first had the inspiration for this post, I was finding it difficult to find even 3 points for this list. I was feeling tired, drained and unmotivated.

Now, after having visited Korea again, having experienced the birth of a new baby girl, reunited with some of my best, oldest, funniest and quirkiest friends and enjoyed the freedom of leaving any worries I had at home behind for a while, I feel renewed, refreshed and I could make that happy list go on for days!

Looking at and contemplating my list (and the many other positive points that have been rushing around my head recently), I feel that the thing that brought about this increase in happiness was the feeling of being home. My trip to Korea allowed me to have a feeling of belonging to a place. I was surrounded by people I love and I felt the ability to exude a joy and excitement in life that others could appreciate and draw from. How was this possible? I think it was three things:

1) Having a positive support system of friends around me.

2) Being in a stable financial position enabling me to socialise with that support system (after many many months of frugality and saving).

3) Involving myself in activities that made me feel positive about my contributions.

I suppose in short then, what I need to make me happy are friends, (sufficient) money and meaning. 


How about you?


What do you think makes you happy? When were you recently the happiest? Feel free to leave your comments below!



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