UNICEF Tap Project: Unplug, Unwind and Save Some Lives

unicef tap project

Screenshot of the UNICEF Tap Project website

I came across the UNICEF Tap Project yesterday and really thought it’s a super great idea for a really good cause, which is why I’m spreading the word and sharing it with you.

The idea behind it is to get people to put down something that really isn’t a necessity in this world (like a phone) for long enough to give something very necessary for life (water) to those on the very brink of survival.

When you participate in the UNICEF Tap Project, for every MINUTE you decide not to use your phone, UNICEF’s partners will donate 1 DAYS worth of water to UNICEF. If that’s not an easy way to do some good, I don’t know what is!

Even better, if you happen to have two or three devices (i.e. ipad/ipod and phone) then you can donate twice or thrice as fast AND in your sleep as you can keep the app running on all devices at once over night.

The donation period in 2014 runs from February 14th-28th for UNICEF’S Next Generation Sponsorship and from 1-31st March under Georgio Armani’s sponsorship.

To take part in this cause, simply go to The UNICEF Tap Project page on your mobile device, press start and begin donating!

I donated 509 days worth of water within one night, how about you?

*If you want to donate on your Ipad or Ipod, you might need to find a link to it through an app as I found that I could enter it through a facebook link for it, but not through my Safari browser :/

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