The Imperfect Stranger

As I walked into the bar,
He glanced at me from afar.
I hardly noticed, sat down still,
Ordered a drink, to start my fill.

Slowly, slowly, we were introduced,
The table jovial, drinks tongues loosed.
We caught a moment, just one quick,
To say hello and seek to click.

One awkward sentence, another followed,
The air unusual, all charm hollowed.
Then he looked into my eyes,
And at that moment a smile did rise.

The smile was beautiful, oh so bright,
I couldn’t help but feel delight.
Later flowed words of past, future and present,
Painting pictures of adventures, hardships and resent.

A commonality appeared to surface,
A likeness of minds, life and purpose.
That is when thoughts began to race,
We didn’t have long left in this place.

All too soon we went our separate ways,
To be in touch in future days?

The question remains for all wide open,
Somewhere lies the answer clearly unspoken.

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