The Imperfect Illusion

You built me up
You shot me down

I stand now feeling
Like a clown

With a face
Of fallen paint

With a heartbeat
Oh so faint

With a hurt
That’s oh so strong

With a mind
That doesn’t belong

The reality is
I heard your reasons

The reality is
I understand

And yet that doesn’t change the fact
That now my feelings run like sand

Sprinkled into every direction
Flowing quickly out of hand

Leaving a mess
Saying “We did warn her”

Leaving a crevice
Saying “Let’s go scorn her”

It really feels like a very bad dream
A movie perhaps of a fallen queen

A beautiful image
Turned to dust

A grand illusion
The vision of us

And yet I know
The sun will rise

And too I know
That this surprise

Will make me stronger
Will make me fight

Will make me learn
Will make me grow

For that is life
So full of events

That make you rich
And show you sense

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