Words Are Powerful. Choose Them Well.

(Edited) Image by iNkMan_ / CC BY-NC 2.0

(Edited) Image by iNkMan_ / CC BY-NC 2.0

This post was inspired after I received a call today that left me literally speechless. A person who means the world to me was told in no few words, by their own flesh and blood no less, that they were a terrible person deserving not a single act of kindness.

This person is not flawless. This person is not perfect and yet this person is a person of immeasurable strength, infinite resilience and who exudes an exceptional loyalty, warmth and kindness only the few who look past the cracks will ever witness.

Experiencing this person’s heartbreaking read more

My Wish for You

You’re not the answer,
you’re not the cure,
And yet I yearn to take your lure.

I see you struggle,
I watch you seek,
That place where havoc cannot wreak.

It twists my heart,
To feel your pain,
Yet I’ve no wisdom for you to gain.

I’m lost in the memories,
Lost in the words,
That allow my thoughts plenty room to gird.

I miss the bliss,
I miss the virtue,
The type that darkness does eschew.

Yet in the end,
It’s all the same,
A game designed to make some insane.

But listen to me,
Play, succeed,
So maybe one day read more