Finding and Staying at a Seoul Goshiwon

Ace Residence Seoul

Image Source unknown. Ace Residence Sinchon (aka. my old home!)

If you’re looking for a cheap and affordable place to stay in Seoul, be it for one night or one year, goshiwons make a great budget option!

Goshiwons are places offering small rooms, usually located in the more studenty areas of town like Shinchon, Hongdae, Ehwa, Seoul National Station etc.

A goshiwon will usually offer renters a small room with a desk, chair and cupboard for about 15,000-25,000 won/night (short-term) or 300-600,000 won/month (long-term).

Almost all of them will also offer free rice and kimchi for you to eat (and instant noodles read more

When Was The Last Time You Were Happy?

Seoul Happiness

Image by Nayoung Kang
Me + Friends = Happiness!

I recently watched an inspirational video on and started reading Living, Loving and Learning by the amazing Leo F. Buscaglia. These really got me thinking about all the things we are taught in life and all those things we think will make us happy. Money, family, friends, possessions?

It got me wondering about what makes me happy and in particular, what has made me happy recently. I came up with this list:

Recently, I was happiest…

1) …when an old friend I hadn’t seen in a year came to visit me during my turbulent read more

Travelling to Seoul on a Budget – 7 Top Tips!

Korean Sushi

Image by Nayoung Kang

It’s kind of unusual for me to be back and not living here, but I’ve noticed the experience is already pretty different. I have to budget, I don’t have time to let things happen later and living out of a suitcase isn’t quite as handy as having everything you need with you when you need it!

However, as an ex-Seoulite and self proclaimed pro-budgeter I know a thing or two about living well (but cheaply) in the capital of the ‘Land of the Morning Calm’, so here are some handy tips if you want to travel to and stay read more