Just For One Moment

Just for one moment, you were there

Just for one moment, a magical affair

I didn’t know it at the time

But that beautiful magic had a secret chime

A secret that would shock and sting

A secret that would change everything

No more chances to get on a plane

No more chances to sail and reign

Just for one moment, the dream seemed real

But now it’s time to to say adieu and feel

Arctic Melody

Sitting, sitting, sitting in the moonlight

Watching, watching, watching as the world flies by

Drinking my mojito by the seaside

Thinking, thinking, thinking in that hammock of mine

Where, where, where am I going?

How, how, how do I know what’s right?

Loving, loving, loving the feeling

Of knowing, knowing, knowing that I am alive

Turning Point

There comes a time where things must end,
A time at which your will must bend.

Think of the good you had before,
Think what the future has in store.

Enjoy that which has come to pass,
And see the next stories come to last.

Life moves on- it’s only right,
What would it be worth without a fight?

Smile every day and spread the joy,
Who knows, one day you may conquer troy.

My Wish for You

You’re not the answer,
you’re not the cure,
And yet I yearn to take your lure.

I see you struggle,
I watch you seek,
That place where havoc cannot wreak.

It twists my heart,
To feel your pain,
Yet I’ve no wisdom for you to gain.

I’m lost in the memories,
Lost in the words,
That allow my thoughts plenty room to gird.

I miss the bliss,
I miss the virtue,
The type that darkness does eschew.

Yet in the end,
It’s all the same,
A game designed to make some insane.

But listen to me,
Play, succeed,
So maybe one day read more