Cancer Research UK #nomakeupselfie Time!

Post-run #nomakeupselfie plus a donation for a good cause? I'm in!

Post-run #nomakeupselfie plus a donation for a good cause? I’m in!

#nomakeupselfie is what again?

I’ll tell you straight, I’m not really a huge fan of taking pictures of myself. It’s not that I don’t like pictures, I actually don’t mind joining in on others’ picture taking fun, but I was just never big on taking pictures of myself… or at least not since I closed down my Myspace profile many many years ago!

For many girls I know, voluntarily presenting themselves to the world without make-up is not really an everyday occurrence, so when I started seeing a plethora of no makeup selfies floating around read more

When Was The Last Time You Were Happy?

Seoul Happiness

Image by Nayoung Kang
Me + Friends = Happiness!

I recently watched an inspirational video on and started reading Living, Loving and Learning by the amazing Leo F. Buscaglia. These really got me thinking about all the things we are taught in life and all those things we think will make us happy. Money, family, friends, possessions?

It got me wondering about what makes me happy and in particular, what has made me happy recently. I came up with this list:

Recently, I was happiest…

1) …when an old friend I hadn’t seen in a year came to visit me during my turbulent read more