5 Skills Every Traveller Should Learn

Travellers come in all shapes and forms.

There are the weekend escape artists, the world-touring nomads, the restless vagabonds, the luxury high flyers, the daring adrenaline junkies… the list goes on and on.

No two travellers are alike, no two adventures provide the same experience and that’s what makes each and every traveller’s tale so very unique and interesting.

However, travelling safely and effectively is an art, and it’s an art that should be learned, as successfully navigating a city, county, country or planet becomes read more

The Beauty of Technology (& DIY Tutorials to Live Without It!)

Image by Brenda / CC BY 2.0

Technology Old and New by Brenda / CC BY 2.0

The Beauty of Technology

One of the things you learn when you move around a lot is that in many cases keeping the things you rely on to a few, key but simple items, is usually the best way forward.

You don’t need much to live really, food, shelter and clothing being the most important. Yet one of the things that is creating the illusion of being a necessity, when it most definitely isn’t is electricity powered technology.

Electricity powered technology is a wonderful thing. It saves lives in hospitals every day, it keeps us connected across the world, read more