66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – Day 2

It’s been more than 24 hours since I last looked at social media. I had a notification pop up on my mac unexpectedly to show I have unread posts on Facebook… I never realised that even existed?

Freaked for a moment, I look up on Google how to disable those notifications, so it doesn’t happen again. 5 minutes later and I’m again blissfully social media notification free.

I think to myself… what is the purpose of my day today and realise that if I truly want to be successful at introducing positive habits across this read more

A Personal Note on Love

Love Note 2

Love is a strange thing. You can love your car, love your man/woman, love your sister, love yourself, love your xbox, love blue skies, love the smell of freshly cut grass… the list goes on and on. Objects, feelings, places, memories; you can love so many things and yet – how do you define love?

Is love a feeling? Is it an action? Or maybe even just a chemical reaction? Does it make you stronger? Do you need it? Is it universal or unique?

I have met thousands of people in my lifetime, seen million of objects, performed countless read more