Cancer Research UK #nomakeupselfie Time!

Post-run #nomakeupselfie plus a donation for a good cause? I'm in!

Post-run #nomakeupselfie plus a donation for a good cause? I’m in!

#nomakeupselfie is what again?

I’ll tell you straight, I’m not really a huge fan of taking pictures of myself. It’s not that I don’t like pictures, I actually don’t mind joining in on others’ picture taking fun, but I was just never big on taking pictures of myself… or at least not since I closed down my Myspace profile many many years ago!

For many girls I know, voluntarily presenting themselves to the world without make-up is not really an everyday occurrence, so when I started seeing a plethora of no makeup selfies floating around read more

Being Rich…

…is not about how much you have, but how much you give.

These are the truly magnificent words spoken in the following Gift – Singapore Drama Short Film by Daniel Yam.

It depicts the heartbreaking but beautiful tale of a young boy who never appreciated how truly wonderful his father was until it was too late.

It carries a strong underlying message across to those watching that not everything is always as it seems and it is also a gentle reminder to all of us to appreciate our parents while we still have them. One day they will be gone read more

C25K Challenge: Color Me Rad Leeds 2014

Image by Bahman / CC BY 2.0

Image by Bahman / CC BY 2.0

Sometimes you’ve just got to let go and be a little crazy to achieve the most out of this lifetime. – RJunkie

Some people let loose at parties, other people let loose in the streets and yet others don’t need any excuse and just let their wild side take over whenever and wherever they feel like it.

Whilst I don’t consider myself to be too crazy most of the time, I do have a bit of a thing for challenges and putting myself in for once-in-a-lifetime-if-i-don’t-do-it-now-i-probably-never-will type events. So, when my friend read more

UNICEF Tap Project: Unplug, Unwind and Save Some Lives

unicef tap project

Screenshot of the UNICEF Tap Project website

I came across the UNICEF Tap Project yesterday and really thought it’s a super great idea for a really good cause, which is why I’m spreading the word and sharing it with you.

The idea behind it is to get people to put down something that really isn’t a necessity in this world (like a phone) for long enough to give something very necessary for life (water) to those on the very brink of survival.

When you participate in the UNICEF Tap Project, for every MINUTE you decide not to use your phone, UNICEF’s partners read more