Stand Up To Racism: Reach out and Travel

One of the reasons I’m a huge advocate of travel and social outreach is because it lets us experience so much. Through travel and taking the time to reach out and listen, we can meet people from all walks of life. Rich, poor, grateful, hateful, black, white, enabled, disabled, inspirational and in many other ways brilliant examples of humanity.

Often it takes no more than a simple “Hi” to start a conversation, which will let you learn more about the viewpoints of someone who regardless of nationality, colour or background will most certainly view life in their own unique way and have some wisdom or insight to share about themselves or the way they see the world.

“Understanding that differences are a blessing and not a sin is what helps breed positivity, reason and the strength to stand up to those who see no wrong in harming others.”

This video is a beautiful example of how awareness and understanding can produce true heroes who stand up to racism and what is wrong, making this world a more positive place in the process.

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