10 Things To Enjoy On A Bad Day

Image by dead_elvis

Image by dead_elvis

Some days absolutely everything goes wrong.

The bus to work gets cancelled, somebody roughly bumps into you on the street, you tear a muscle running to catch the light, that deal you’ve been working on forever falls through and to top it all off, the USB copy of that super important 4,000 word essay you have to hand in tomorrow lunchtime ends up corrupted, and your laptop just got reformatted because of a vicious trojan, which means you have to start all over again from scratch (believe me, it happens!).

Those days suck, they really do, and unless you’re super duper lucky you’ll likely run into a few of these days over the course of your lifetime. In my experience, however, there is only one way to get through these kinds of days and that’s with one hefty dose of positivity.

So, in order to give your brain a jump start in the positivity department whenever you need it, I’ve compiled this post of 10 snippets of funny, heartwarming, smile rendering moments of uber-positive things to help you believe that even on the most miserable of days, there is still something out there to make you smile and believe in the good of tomorrow. Enjoy! 😀

1. The Power of Disney

The perfect lip sync, crazy faces and the fact this is being filmed WHILE DRIVING… what’s not to like?

2. Returned Faith in Humanity

The story of Kyle by Tickld

Image by Tickld

If you haven’t done so already, go read the Story of Kyle. It will return your faith in humanity, and remind you that each one of your actions could have unexpected reactions.

Who knows, maybe that hamburger you gave to the homeless person not long ago actually saved his life that day?


3. Humour for a Good Cause

Gay marriage is a sensitive topic for many, but it’s great to see a bit of humour injected into the debate. I dare you to try not to laugh at some of the statements made in this clip!


4. Cat-Man-Do

Any of you readers with a cat will surely appreciate this “wake-up” call haha.

5. Good Advice

Always remember the wisdom of good advice…

good advice


6. You’re Safe

If anything should make you feel better it’s the fact that THIS will never happen to you >_<

Meanwhile in Japan…


7. PSY

Staying on the far eastern gif track…

Heeey sexy ladyyy opp, opp, opp, opp, opp, oppan Gangnam style…


8. Oatmeal Has The Answer

Seriously it does. If you’re ever having a bad day, spend a few minutes on this site and you’ll feel good as new… or at least you will have learned some crazy fact or two.



9. Koala You Happy?

Trust him… he’s a koalafied driver hahahahaha

10. And when all else fails…

…you might as well boogie to some good old Earth, Wind & Fire… good night!

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