(Re)location Junkies Uncovered: Jhon Entrop


(Re)location Junkies uncovered is a series of explorations into what makes people tick and their relationships with life and travel. Every single person featured in this series will be someone I have personally met or interacted with and who I can confidently say embodies the Relocationjunkie.com spirit by inspiring positivity through action.

Who is Jhon Entrop?

In the first post of this series, I am proud to introduce you to my immensely talented friend Jhon Entrop. We first met whilst temping at a travel company in Amsterdam in 2013 and since then Jhon has made the jump to Tasmania to explore all the wonders down under has to offer.

An avid traveller, great photographer, multi-lingual talent and beautiful free spirit, Jhon has a great mix of laid back charm and amazing insight into the world, which is why I was super happy when he agreed to be the first honorary Rjunkie to share his story with us.

I asked him six questions, he gave me six answers (along with feet itching to explore new terrains!)

See for yourself what he had to say and check out his beautiful blog when you get the chance!

1. What’s the first thing you remember when travelling to a new place?

  • That would be the first moment you toss your backpack or suitcase and make yourself feel the moment you are in at that time. Too many people take things for granted nowadays and I want my first memory of a place to be one that is really felt and fully appreciated by and with all my senses

 2. Name the first 5 places that come to mind

  • New Zealand, Patagonia, Tasmania, Norway, Iceland, in that order

3. What connects you to those places?

  • The rugged nature, the isolation and non-touristy beauty of those places. On a social and personal level it would be the fact that you have to be independent and comfortable with your self.

4. What inspires you?

  • Small everyday things such as sitting on a bench, silently watching people go by. But also energy that passionate people have about a subject or activity they undertake. For myself it would be travel and photography. Although I would not travel to make photos, I make photos while I travel. It calms me down and gives me inspiration and food for thought.

5. If you only had the chance to share one piece of wisdom in your lifetime, what would it be?

  • Don’t cry because you are leaving, rejoice for the the fact that you will meet again. I believe in the fact that people always meet twice in life.

6. And finallyyyyy, I say Panda, you say…?

  • Hugs



What’s the first thing you remember in a new place? What inspires you? What wisdom would you share? Feel free to leave your comments below!

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