Dear 2012

Two thousand and twelve,
Into you I delve.

All the things that you showed,
All the lessons you sowed.

You brought me laughter,
You brought me strife.

Altogether you taught me,
A lot about life.

You brought me love,
You brought me laughter.

You brought me heartbreak,
And some disaster.

Although through you,
There’s much I’ve been through.

I do believe,
My heart stayed true.

To who I am,
And who I shall be.

Thank you so much for teaching me,
More about me.

Though the journey’s not over,
There’s more to come.

I can only hope,
To not feel numb.

To every sensation,
That sense of elation.

That feeling and crying,
And laughing and trying.

That singing and dancing,
And playing and glancing.

Can bring to the heart,
And officially part.

That beautiful vision,
That’s formed by decision.

That makes me grow,
Fast or slow.

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