66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – Day 12-14

The last few days have been a real blur of activity. My mom coming to visit on the weekend was a really great reminder of just how much you need your family sometimes and how even just a simple hug, kiss or chat with them can make all the difference in shaping your worldview differently again.

I realise how lucky I am to have a mother who has always been there to support me with her encouraging words and who is willing to drop everything at a call to come and support me (in a different country no less!) when I need her guidance.

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66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – Day 11

I’ve been thinking about the importance of friends and family lately and how technology has played an interesting part in not just bringing friends and family together, but also separating them more than ever.

Having travelled around a lot, I have friends all over the place. Being disconnected from social media for the last week or so, it’s made me realise how reliant I have become on these forms of media to stay updated with people.

You look at people’s feeds and instantly have the feeling that you know what’s going on read more

66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – Day 10

I was reading some poetry today and came across one piece called ‘Calm after the Storm’ by Rachel. It’s a beautiful poem that I felt perfectly captured the essence of how different events from today played together.

In my mind it’s been a particularly quiet day today. Not much of anything comes to mind when I think to describe it and yet somehow I like that – unusual as it does feel. I suppose not every day can (or should) be a day of revelation!

66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – GOALS FOR DAY 10

  1. Start reading ‘Feel the Fear… And Do It Anyway’
    • Why? My friend recently recommended this book as a way to get me out of my decision paralysis. I’ve made some decisions recently, but am still a little wishy washy on whether I actually want to follow through on the actions, so this may be a good way forward.
  2. Drink at least 2 litres of water
    • Why? I’ve been starting to get headaches in the past couple of days and I think it may be because I’ve stopped drinking as much water as I used to. My skin has been breaking out too… never a good thing!

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66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – Day 9

I’m not sure about you dear readers, but from time to time I have these moments where everything seems to come together and real plans start to shape.

After lots of reading, journalling, bouncing ideas off of people and then visualising how certain decisions could really impact my life, the actual decision making part of things comes fast and easy.

However, something that I also love about these moments is that it is at these specific points in time where anything and everything seems possible. These events give you a feeling of invincibility, read more

66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – Day 8

You know those days where you feel like very little has happened and yet somehow you have an inkling that the very absence of something happening, means that something bigger is starting to come to life?

I kind of feel like today has been one of those days. I really can’t explain it, but I feel like something at my very core is starting to transform into something different, leaving me with a new energy and sensation to experience, which is both nerve wrecking/scary and yet slightly exciting/stimulating at the same time.

It’s like sitting read more

66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – Day 7

It’s hard to believe it’s literally only been a week since I turned off the outside world of social media and started turning inwards for enlightenment. It feels like a hurricane has flown through my brain leaving a mess behind along with an eery calm as well as the hope for a new beginning.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I started this journey, but I can tell you already it’s made it possible for me to explore and think more deeply and connectedly with myself than I feel I have ever done before.

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66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – Day 6

Today is all about health. With two doctor’s appointments scheduled and a new week starting, it’s the first thing on my mind.

Staying home is nice for a while, but getting back into the swing of things has its place too, so let’s get to it!

66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – GOALS FOR DAY 6

  1. Read 3 Chapters of the 4-Hour Work Week
    • Why? I really need to finish this book. Getting there!
  2. Drink Carrot Juice…Somehow
    • Why? True to the health track, a friend of mine bought me some carrot juice last week and I’ve been struggling to drink it. I’m not the biggest fan of vegetables at the best of times, but I know they’re healthy, so… glug glug glug…

66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – EXPERIENCES FROM DAY 6

Morning – A friend of mine came to visit this morning and it was such a welcome surprise. We sat together talking about some of the wild read more

66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – Day 5

I was contemplating my vision board today and I noticed it’s changed quite a lot since last week. Where there were blanks before, there are now inspirational messages to myself. Pictures have been re-arranged and it looks altogether much more ‘done’ and inviting.

I got my vision board a few weeks ago and had been struggling a little with what I wanted to put on it, but I’ve noticed in the calm of the last week my mind no longer seems at a loss as to dreams and visions of what could be. I really like that.

Since it’s read more

66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – Day 4

Further exploring my wheel of life, I was watching a Tony Robbins video on youtube this morning, which was really enlightening. It was called “Feeling Lost? How to Find Yourself Again”.

It explored the idea that whenever you are unhappy/hurt/suffering/depressed with any area of your life it’s because the circumstances around you are not in alignment with your internal blueprint of how you imagine life “should” be.

It then said that when that happens you essentially have three (actually two) options.

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66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – Day 3

I’m starting to find this process of removing myself from social media and spending significant time alone with my own thoughts really useful.

Since I’ve been pondering questions on myself, where I am in life now, where I want to be in the future etc. daily, I am starting to figure out some answers for myself – day by day.

I definitely still have a lot to figure out, but I decided that today I really want to focus on envisioning and outlining what I think I want, so that read more