Finding an Apartment in Prague

Are you thinking of moving to Prague? If so, great choice!

Prague is an intriguing place to live – It has a thriving social scene, ever expanding international community (and the fantastic cuisine that comes with it!), not to mention there is always something going on, so it’s very unlikely you’ll ever get bored.

That being said, finding a place to live can sometimes be a bit tricky here (the rental market sure is HOT! I lost two flats before landing in my current accommodation).

If you know where to look and what to look out for

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R.A.P.E. – Recognise it. Analyse it. Publicise it. Escape it.

It’s a sad truth that rape happens every single day. In England and Wales alone it is said that around 85,000 women and 12,000 men are raped every single year. This equates to roughly 11 rapes per hour and that’s only including the statistics for adults (RapeCrisis,2015).

Rape is something that can happen to anyone, anywhere in the world. However, travellers and in particular solo female travellers are arguably a group highly susceptible to rape.

Many countries still have limited exposure or socially/politically influenced perceptions

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Removing Judgement From “Failure”

With the expansion of the internet and social media use, it seems a lot of attention has been shown to the phenomenon of failure.

Failure to get a good job, failure to get educated, failure to be happy, failure to be there when your friends need you, failure to get married, failure to comply with mainstream social norms etc. etc. etc.

There sure seems to be a whole lot of failure going on!

Yet with more and more websites, articles and radio stations telling us all about the millions of choices we have, what it means to be “successful&#8221

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New York in a Day

New York. Two words synonymous with high fashion, high rise office buildings, great food and even greater shows.

New York has such a diverse range of activities to offer that it’s actually impossible to see everything in a single day. Having said that, there’s nothing to say that you can’t give the city a run for its money.

I took a quick dash through the city with a couple of friends a few weekends ago and thought I’d share the fantastic experiences we managed to fit into one day for inspiration. Do let me know if you have

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