Are you Extraordinary?


As I am sure many of you will have heard, the much loved author, poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou died yesterday.

It is said that she was a person who inspired many to go out and be the best that they could be with words that were poignant and accessible to more than just a select few. Yet when reading her biography it is also obvious that Maya was in many ways just an ordinary woman, making choices that led her to lead an extraordinary life.

Personally, it is people like this that I find particularly inspiring. Ordinary people

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10 Things To Enjoy On A Bad Day

Image by dead_elvis

Image by dead_elvis

Some days absolutely everything goes wrong.

The bus to work gets cancelled, somebody roughly bumps into you on the street, you tear a muscle running to catch the light, that deal you’ve been working on forever falls through and to top it all off, the USB copy of that super important 4,000 word essay you have to hand in tomorrow lunchtime ends up corrupted, and your laptop just got reformatted because of a vicious trojan, which means you have to start all over again from scratch (believe me, it happens!).

Those days suck, they really do, and

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Never Give Up

Life is a real roller coaster. Some days you’ll feel like you’re floating on clouds. On other days you’ll feel like your world is about to explode. On the worst days you might feel like you’re coasting, incredibly numb and just hoping and dreaming for something or someone to pull you out of the nothingness.

People, objects, nature, actions – they all work together to make this epic trip happen. Not one thing you do in life will happen without effect. Change is constant and unavoidable. Yet how you choose to navigate

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