A Personal Note on Love

Love Note 2Love is a strange thing. You can love your car, love your man/woman, love your sister, love yourself, love your xbox, love blue skies, love the smell of freshly cut grass… the list goes on and on. Objects, feelings, places, memories; you can love so many things and yet – how do you define love?

Is love a feeling? Is it an action? Or maybe even just a chemical reaction? Does it make you stronger? Do you need it? Is it universal or unique?

I have met thousands of people in my lifetime, seen million of objects, performed countless actions and experienced so many emotions. Some situations I have instantly connected to, others took more time to process. One thing I know though is that I have loved, and still do love, every single person, place or thing I have encountered. “How is that possible?” you may ask. This would be my answer…

I believe that love is a feeling unique to each person. I believe people experience love in different ways and their motivations for love differ. My motivation for love is growth and I believe that every single occurence in my life has shaped me into who I am today.

People in particular, are a regular stimulation of growth in me. The beggars on the street remind me of how fickle life can be, the women I call friends help me stand proud and tall in all I do, the men I encounter teach me more about myself and the mentors in my life help to constantly push me forward.

Every person leaves an impression. Every object shapes a view. Everything is there for a reason and that’s how I can love it all.





What do you think about love? What motivates you to love? Feel free to leave your comments below!

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