66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – Day 5

I was contemplating my vision board today and I noticed it’s changed quite a lot since last week. Where there were blanks before, there are now inspirational messages to myself. Pictures have been re-arranged and it looks altogether much more ‘done’ and inviting.

I got my vision board a few weeks ago and had been struggling a little with what I wanted to put on it, but I’ve noticed in the calm of the last week my mind no longer seems at a loss as to dreams and visions of what could be. I really like that.

Since it’s Sunday though, I decided I’m going to be a little less rigid on setting my goals for the day and just see where the day takes me. This is what came of it…


66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – GOALS FOR DAY 5

  1. Read 3 Chapters of the 4-Hour Work Week
    • Why? I finished 3 chapters of this book yesterday and was so captured by the content that I decided to keep this in my goals until I finish the book. Who knows… it may just change my life!
  2. Brainstorm Blog Content
    • Why? Since starting to write on my blog and in my diary daily, I’ve started thinking about how I could better serve my audience. I’ve had a few ideas for content I could work on and thought it may be good to make a habit of brainstorming and documenting different ideas so as to pick on them later and develop something interesting from them. You never know when inspiration may strike 😉


66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – EXPERIENCES FROM DAY 5

Morning – I woke up feeling pretty lazy this morning. I enjoyed a quiet morning in bed reading and then got up to do some washing, clean up the kitchen and do some more reading. I’ve always loved Sundays. I was missing some texts from people when I checked my phone, but the urge passed once I got into my different activities.


Afternoon – My brain has been buzzing this afternoon! All these ideas floating in and out about who I am, what I should do with my life, innovations on how I could make changes, fantasies about upping and leaving to new lands and experiencing life at a completely different pace and angle. I feel an urge to tell the world of my inspirations and I briefly have a period where I feel a little hopeless that I’m not using social media, but it’s over in a moment and then I sit back and appreciate the fact I have the luxury of peace and calm once more.


Evening – Mom and dad called me this afternoon and evening and I have to say I’m really enjoying the fact we are having regular phone calls again. I think both of them seem to be appreciating the extra phone time too and I have high hopes we’ll be able to connect and grow closer once more. Goal of re-connecting with family: check!


66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – VERDICT FOR DAY 5

I’ve been mentally reviewing my experience over the past week. Being at home, disconnected from all the hustle of daily life. It’s been quite a difficult exercise to complete.

On the one hand, I’ve really been enjoying this down time – the ability to go at my own pace, do what I feel is important and get into the habit and flow of generating new ideas and innovations in the absence of usual distractions.

There have definitely been moments in the last week where I have experienced some pretty intense feelings of confusion, discontent, anger, sadness and such too though. It’s like the silence has given me the opportunity to cycle through my entire emotional repertoire to try and uncover what’s going on inside. It’s not been boring, that’s for sure.

I’m pretty convinced some bigger changes are going to come out of this experiment, but I’m just not quite sure what yet. It definitely feels something’s cooking up ahead…


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