66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – Day 2

It’s been more than 24 hours since I last looked at social media. I had a notification pop up on my mac unexpectedly to show I have unread posts on Facebook… I never realised that even existed?

Freaked for a moment, I look up on Google how to disable those notifications, so it doesn’t happen again. 5 minutes later and I’m again blissfully social media notification free.

I think to myself… what is the purpose of my day today and realise that if I truly want to be successful at introducing positive habits across this experiment it may help not to introduce 132 different new habits/goals (which is bound to fail), but rather stick with some consistency and focus on the areas of life I may have the most growth opportunities in at the moment.

With that said I decide on the following two goals for today…


66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – GOALS FOR DAY 2

  1. Clean Up The Bathroom
    • Why? I’ve been trying to clean up my surroundings bit by bit this week. Whilst not at full physical capacity on sick leave, the step by step approach should mean I get my goal of a clean place by the end of the week. It’s a great way to work on project endurance too!
  2. Take the Wheel of Life Assessment
    • Why? I found out about the Wheel of Life when I came across Celestine Chua’s website Personalexcellence.co a few days ago. Subsequently I found out it’s a pretty neat coaching tool that helps visually represent our life areas and growth opportunities. Seems like a good place to start on my growth journey…


66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – EXPERIENCES FROM DAY 2

Morning – I woke up in a bad mood this morning. Unwanted thoughts of events past crept up seemingly overnight, which left me in a not so positive mental space. I left my phone in the living room last night, so it’s not the first thing I check and I fleetingly consider moving there to check. No I tell myself – this day is about finding peace, happiness and self improvement. Now go read a book! So I do.


Afternoon – With surprise (yes, surprise!), I notice I missed a call and several text messages asking me how I’m doing. I feel the love, it feels so good. I am focused on my blog post at the moment though and I’ve been reading that it’s important to finish what you started and focus on yourself to strengthen one’s inner balance, so I decide to finish my draft before letting the notifications distract me.


Evening – I’m having visitors tomorrow – yay! So exciting. Maybe they’ll have some interesting news to share. It felt great to feel the love through the text messages, but I am also really enjoying the peace and quiet that not checking my phone every 15-30 minutes or so brings. I honestly thought it would take longer to get out of the swing of things, but I’m finding I’m really liking this change so far!


66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – VERDICT FOR DAY 2

It’s been a bit of an emotional day today and I do believe that is related to social media not being there to distract me from some of my deeper thoughts… I’ve done a lot of reading, watching TedTalks, self-reflection and thinking about the future though, which has been rather intriguing.

I realised I may need to be careful about this self-improvement journey though, as I don’t want to be hindering progress by subconsciously telling myself that I need to change due to lack vs. actual desire. My TedTalks on loving yourself led to that enlightening thought.

Cleaning up the bathroom sort of got done in that I did some washing (to remove the clothes off the floor – my wash basket was piling over…), but I didn’t actually get around to cleaning it. That made me think I may need to re-think either the goals I’m setting or their meaningfulness in relation to myself/ my priorities. Or maybe I just need to accept I’m not always perfect? Eh… another interesting thought!

By the way… did you know Google Chrome also sends notifications about Facebook that pop up via a Mac? I was surprised a second time today when another notification came through this afternoon… I’d never realised how many notifications we are surrounded with until today. Talk about unconscious intrusion of personal head space!

I’m going to need to print my life wheel – would be good for a before and after entry in my diary…


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