66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – Day 11

I’ve been thinking about the importance of friends and family lately and how technology has played an interesting part in not just bringing friends and family together, but also separating them more than ever.

Having travelled around a lot, I have friends all over the place. Being disconnected from social media for the last week or so, it’s made me realise how reliant I have become on these forms of media to stay updated with people.

You look at people’s feeds and instantly have the feeling that you know what’s going on in their lives. You ‘check in’ on them via a comment or post. Yet what do you really know? Until you actually call or see them?

I was reminded of this when I messaged someones I consider a close friend of mine today and found out she was going through a pretty tough time right now (and possibly for a while). I had had no idea… it didn’t feel good.

Equally I was reminded of this when my mom came to visit from the UK today and we spent the evening together surfing on ipads and watching tv. It was relaxing, it was comfortable… but was it really the most quality way to spend an evening when she’s only here for two days? I’m not so sure.


66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – GOALS FOR DAY 11

  1. Dye my hair
    • Why? It’s been a little while since I did something nice for myself in the beauty department and since one of the habits I would like to maintain and perhaps even enhance moving forward (who doesn’t like a little ego boost from time to time, eh?) I thought it would be good to include this action in my goals for today – keep myself accountable for completing it!
  2. Complete Duolingo Spanish Goal
    • Why? I’ve been studying Spanish since the beginning of the year, but my Duolingo streak has been a little bit shaky in the past few weeks, so I figure a boost in getting back into the daily swing of things would be good. It’s a great way to learn in bitesize chunks and keep motivated.


66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – EXPERIENCES FROM DAY 11

Morning – I continued reading ‘Feel the Fear… And Do It Anyway’ this morning and I must say that book is phenomenal at breaking down what fear is and actually leading you through the process of understanding your own fears and building up self esteem (linked to fear would you believe!) via various exercises. Very useful so far – and my reading habit seems to be sticking!


Afternoon – After picking mom up from the airport we headed to one of my favourite restaurants here in Prague. It’s called the Cafe Louvre and is a place where Einstein and Kafka used to hang out back in the day… they do an amazing Chicken in Peppercream sauce with home made spaetzle. After accidentally skipping breakfast (uh oh – sorry mom!) I also scarfed down an apple strudel for dessert… they’ve definitely improved their recipe this time! The best part though was some undivided 1:1 mommy daughter time. I love it when mom comes to town 😀


Evening – Mom and I spent spent a quiet evening watching some tv and surfing the net. We were looking at some places mom could potentially move to (I had to get the globetrotting thing from somewhere!) and were practicing our Spanish via online tests and watching Gran Hotel. I was actually super impressed… considering she hasn’t studied Spanish in about 40+ years she still has great grammar and comprehension. I think my mom is an impressive lady… now that I’m older I’m learning to appreciate her unique skills and charms a lot more than when I was a child. It’s interesting how our relationship keeps developing as I grow older. We’ve always been pretty close with ups and downs from time to time, but as I age I find a newfound appreciation for her more and more and I think our relationship really benefits from it. If I can encourage you to do one thing for your parents it’s to thank them and give them a compliment – watch it light up and make their day… it’s a truly breathtaking and beautiful sight!


66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – VERDICT FOR DAY 11

Having mom here feels like such a blessing. I don’t get to see her very often and the fact that this trip was last minute (literally booked about 3-4 days ago) made it all the more special. It reminded me that however much we may talk every day there’s just nothing better than a good old hug and kiss from mommy – no matter how old you get!

Having said that the social media urge is starting to show through a little – I find my mind wondering towards what may be going on out there sometimes, although I have been able to resist actually joining.

Funnily though, I also find myself having an opposing reaction to social media and phones in general sometimes too. I saw a man looking at himself on the phone for a minute or so on the way back from the airport… it really irritated me and I’m not totally sure why. Not sure if it was social media or vanity related irritation though…


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