66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – Day 1

So this is it. I’ve committed. Last night I deleted all of my social media apps from my phone and my iPad and I fully dedicated myself to 66 days of self improvement.

However, a challenge like this needs to have some concrete actions attached to it and as such I decided this morning that I will need to be setting myself some daily goals. This should help to not only keep up my motivation, but also ensure that I can actually track the changes I am implementing daily in a meaningful way.

Since I am currently on sick leave I decided to start off small today…


66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – GOALS FOR DAY 1

  1. Clean up the kitchen
    • Why? They say a clean surrounding promotes peace of mind and since that is one of the things I’m after it makes sense to start there. I cleaned my bedroom yesterday, so it seems a good place to continue that particular project.
  2. Write introductory blog post for 66 days without social media challenge
    • Why? I haven’t been writing regularly on my blog for about a year or two now, so getting back into the habit of writing is something I really want to do. I really want to write a book one day, so maybe this will help provide the discipline to start on that endeavour a little further down the line


66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – EXPERIENCES FROM DAY 1

Morning – I wake up in the morning wanting to check my messages. Force myself not to do so and stay in bed to let my mind drift. Initially social media is the only thing I can think about. Slowly the direction starts to change to the people in my life, experiences and conversations I’ve had lately. Given even more time, my mind then starts to fill the silence with thoughts of future ideas, projects and possibilities… interesting.

Afternoon – I’ve successfully managed to stay away from my phone for the most part. It feels weird not constantly getting notifications throughout the day. I’ve been writing on my blog in order to fill the time and reading Anthony Robbins’ book Unlimited Power. It’s a really fascinating read. Daily reading has also been a new habit I’ve been working on for the last 4 months or so – score!

Evening – I notice I’ve not really eaten much today, a large part of my attention having been focused on my blog. I re-check my goals. Oh shoot – I haven’t cleaned the kitchen yet. Better get to it. Apart from mom calling a little earlier I’ve had nobody contact me and no notifications… I’m not used to this silence. It’s eery and peaceful at the same time. Strange indeed.


66 Days Without Social Media Challenge – VERDICT FOR DAY 1

It has been an interesting and in my mind pretty productive day. I seem to have replaced my obsession for social media with a slight obsession for my blog instead, but I’m guessing that will balance out once I head back to work again next week. I accomplished the two goals I set and if you count the extra blog post I wrote even exceeded them, so that feels good for sure. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Good night!


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