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575252_10151444780841699_568978561_n My name is Claudia and I’m the creator of Relocationjunkie.com.
You could say that I’m a person who has seen and grown relatively accustomed to changes and varying circumstances in life.
Having lived in 7+ countries, travelled to 23+ more and worked in 10+ companies across multiple industries (jobs ranging from minimum wage bar-backing, to English teaching, digital marketing and corporate HR) it’s hard to see how I couldn’t.
Nevertheless, I also value stability in my life, which I have looked to create by developing a set of principles from which to live my life by.  That way, wherever life may take me, I know I’m headed in the right direction. 
Two of the principles I feel most strongly about are: cultivating the art of appreciation and paying it forward… and that is how this blog was born.
How it all started…
A few years ago when I first decided to create this blog, the idea came from a simple observation I had made across my numerous adventures.
As I travelled to different countries, encountering people from all walks of life and exchanging life experiences with them, I frequently stumbled across a repeating theme: People seemed afraid of change… especially when change involved potentially travelling to unknown places, moving to a new location, thinking of possibilities beyond the borders of their hometown etc.
When I would talk about my own life – frequently moving, travelling, developing different strategies for changing my mindset or my life circumstances, people certainly seemed intrigued or awed by what I had to say. Some of them even expressed an interest or desire in being able to experience something similar. Yet the minute I would actually start describing to them that it would actually be possible for them to do so if they wanted to, inevitably self-doubting comments would follow:
  • “Wow, that sounds amazing, but I don’t think I could do that”
  • “I’d love to do something like that, but I just wouldn’t know how…”
  • “Geez, if only I had the money/time/freedom etc. to do that.. you’re so lucky!”
They seemed to be working from a place of self-created helplessness in their situations. Or maybe I am mistaken and they had simply never imagined that life could be shaped into a richer, more stimulating and enhanced form. 
Regardless of the truth, this got me thinking though – what if I could help make change simple? What if I could help take some of the fear away from people who actually wanted to make a change, but didn’t dare take the first step? What if in certain circumstances I could help map out a path/checklist/vision from which others could be inspired to create positive changes in their own lives?
And so relocationjunkie.com was born.
The challenge…
The thing about change is that it’s fundamentally disruptive. It interrupts habits and routines that make us feel safe and comfortable, and plays with the way we have originally learned to perceive life and the world around us.
Oftentimes we want to create change in our lives, but we don’t always know a) what exactly the change is that we want and b) how we go about successfully implementing steps to produce the changes we do want.
That being the case, it’s easy to fall into the habit of thinking “Well my life isn’t terrible… might as well leave it as it is. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right?”. With the consequence that we may wait on (negative) changes to happen TO us and disrupt life FOR us, before taking concrete actions to steer our life into a direction closer to what we actually want.
The Blog…
That being said, this blog is a journey, a vision, an adventure and a project.
By helping readers to identify and simplify desirable changes, understand what steps can be taken to implement and manage those changes effectively and lessen their fears in the process, the purpose of this blog is to motivate, inspire and empower readers to continually embrace change, seek new learning, prioritise growth in their life and create a positive impact moving forward.
After all – even seemingly small changes made to everyday life can have a massive effect on creating more positive, friendly and enjoyable life experiences not only for oneself, but also for all those around us.
For example… when was the last time you regularly hugged your mother/ father/ partner/ siblings? Imagine what that simple change might do for your relationships? 😉 
Yours Truly,
Claudia x
The RJunkie