Hello There!

575252_10151444780841699_568978561_n My name is Claudia and I’m the creator of Relocationjunkie.com.
I am a late-20s relocation whiz who has lived in 6 countries, travelled to 20+ more and doesn’t plan on stopping the trend any time soon. My bucket list leaves me no other option!
I love moving to new places, experiencing the thrill of new cities, cultures, people and (arguably best of all) food…yummy!
I strongly believe that relocation, travel and the art of reaching out to the community around us have the power to make this world a more positive, friendly and enjoyable place to live in and it is for that reason that I created Relocationjunkie.com.
As well as being a personal platform from which to ponder my future actions, distribute learned wisdoms and gain new inspiration, Relocationjunkie.com is here to encourage  you readers to go out, make a difference and spark joy and hope of any scale.
Bake a cake to tickle some taste buds, talk to a homeless person and share some laughter, donate blood to save a life or simply offer a hand when you see someone’s in need. It doesn’t take much to make a positive difference, so go on, reach out and be the good that this world needs.
Yours truly,
Claudia x
The RJunkie